Tourism Business Ideas

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. If you are looking at going into tourism and looking for new ways to expand or grow within the industry, here are some Tourism Business Ideas for 2022 to inspire you. 

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Tourism

Tourism was one of the industries that suffered the most in 2020. Many industry professionals lost their jobs and businesses closed. If you are still passionate about the industry, maybe it is time to adjust your ideas instead of giving up. Some reasons are: 

  • Opportunities are endless 
  • Allows you to be creative
  • The industry will recover

Opportunities Are Endless

Tourism has many aspects. Most can be fit into five broad categories, namely: 

  • Travel services – to get the tourists from home to their destination
  • Transport – to get around while they are on holiday
  • Accommodation – tourists will need somewhere to stay
  • Food and drink – many tourists want to experience the traditional local cuisine
  • Recreation and entertainment – tourists come to experience the culture and activities of the area

However, while these are the main five categories, each one has many options and many opportunities to grow the industry even further. 

Allows You To Be Creative

You can take the style and culture of your area and make your own creative adjustments to make your business unique. This way you can join an industry that is already successful, while also creating your own niche area so that your competition is not too great. 

The Industry Will Recover

While the tourism industry has taken a blow since the start of Covid-19, it must be recognised that it will pick up again. When it does, there may be an even larger demand than before, since people will now want to take advantage of being able to travel. 

Top Tourism Business Ideas 2022

Some top business ideas currently are: 

Vehicle Rental Business

Give travellers a unique experience with a unique vehicle rental business. If you have a Beetle, unique caravan or camper, you could rent out your vehicle. Your service could even include unique guided tours. This is a much nicer experience than renting a traditional metre taxi.

Guest House and Lodging

Live close to the hottest tourist attractions in your city? You could use this opportunity to rent out a place, or a room in your house, to travellers. Since people cannot travel abroad, they are most likely to travel locally. This is the perfect opportunity to make extra money or venture into Guest House Management

Virtual Events Organiser

While weddings, festivals and other events are still considered ‘superspreaders’, this could be the perfect opportunity to organise cool virtual events. You could invite artists to participate in online concerts or festivals. 

Holiday Photography

You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. So give travellers something meaningful to remember their holiday. Get creative with your camera and take stunning holiday snaps of travellers. You could promote your business online to help them find you. 

Airport Shuttle Service

Offer a more exclusive service than traditional vehicle hire companies. You could offer your services exclusively to people travelling to and from the airport. Work directly with tour operators to get clients. 

Travel Layby Service

Travel packages where people pay off their holidays months in advance is quite common. So why not offer travel now, pay later service to travellers? These payment options are quite popular now with providers like Mobicred and PayJustNow. But travelling versions of these payment methods are not popular yet. 

Cooking Classes

Make bank off your culinary skills. If you know how to cook traditional dishes, why not give cooking masterclasses? Both local and international travellers could benefit from the classes you give. 

Souvenir Shop

Give them something to remember their trip. You would be surprised to know how many travellers buy trinkets when they are on holiday. Use this as an opportunity to make and sell your own souvenirs. 

Types Of Tourism

There are also many different types of tourism that you can choose to cater to, such as: 

  • Business travel
  • Cultural tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Educational tourism

Business Travel

Corporate travelling is a big industry, and large companies often have important members travelling on business. These business persons will need places to stay and relax after long days of meetings and work. 

This type of tourism caters to the corporate field, so you will have conference rooms that they can use for meetings, stable and good wifi for them to use, and a professional environment. 

On top of this, you could provide extra relaxation luxury options, such as mini-spa treatments or a heated pool. This will draw more customers to you, especially while you are new and have not gained a reputation yet. 

Cultural Tourism

Many people love to learn about an area’s culture while they are travelling. If you have good knowledge of the culture of your area, you could arrange interesting talks, entertainment programmes, or a cultural food restaurant for tourists to try. 

This will give them the chance to experience and learn about a small piece of the culture and traditions of the area while they do other things, such as sightseeing. 


Ecotourism is a growing section in the industry. It is relatively smaller than other areas, but this means you have a chance to make it unique, and have an extra selling point. 

Ecotourism is all about touring the environment, so taking hikes and guided walks, or even game drives. This is a chance for them to be immersed in nature, and to discover new plants and animals. 

If you live in or near an area with things like parks or hiking trails that have not been marketed yet, you could grab the opportunity to bring more tourists to your area this way. 

Sustainable Tourism

This type of tourism is about caring for the environment. This gives the guests the experience of living sustainably. This is usually about using local produce over commercial buying, and learning about solar heating and water conservation. 

Sustainable tourism is also relatively small, but is slowly picking up and growing in popularity. These sorts of places are all about eco-living and experiencing and learning how to do it yourself. 

Educational Tourism

These things are for tourists who like to visit museums and art galleries. However, many places have history in and around the general area that has not been focused on. If you are well-versed in the history of your area, you could give guided tours around your town and point out places of interest, and any “interest pieces”, such as statues or monuments. 

Study Tourism

If you would like to open your own Tourism business, take some inspiration from us and run with it. We offer Tourism courses that can help you upskill yourself and be ready to open your business in no time!

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Author: Chloe Bydawell
Editor: Razeen Dollie
Date: July 6, 2022