Sesotho Grade 12 Past Papers And Memos

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A list of Sesotho study resources is provided below, including study guides, actual test questions, notes, and more.

Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS)

The National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement is the name of the official policy document that governs instruction and learning in South African schools. The policy lists all allowed courses for grades R through 12. Additionally included in the policy are the programme and advancement standards for grades R through 12. These are the statements of Sesotho curriculum and assessment policy:

Sesotho Study Guides

Sesotho Memos And Past Papers


Question paper





Question paper



Question paper




Question paper




Question paper



Question paper


Here are a few more resources to assist with your exam preparation.

  1. How to get ready for your Grade 12 exam
  2. 2020 revised curriculum 
  3. Exam guidelines for 2020
  4. National Curriculum Statements (NCS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sesotho spoken?

A native African language, Sesotho (also known as Southern Sotho), was developed. Along with English, it serves as the nation’s second official language. This language is one of the eleven official ones in South Africa (since 1996).


What kind of language is Sesotho?

Sesotho, also known as Southern Sotho, is a Bantu language that dates back to the Bantu-Nguni era. It has varieties from Sotho, Pedi, and Tswana, all of which are recognised as distinct languages. In Lesotho, the Basotho are the main speakers of Sesotho.


What do the Sotho believe in?

Most Sotho-speaking people today accept Christianity in one form or another. Although there are various Protestant groups in Lesotho, the majority of the population is catholic. Many autonomous churches today integrate these aspects of traditional African religion with Christian principles.


What is the Sotho dance called?

The mokorotlo, mohobelo, and mokhibo dances are the most popular ones. On significant occasions, such as political gatherings or when the chief and his followers travel on an inspection tour, men perform the mokorotlo for the chief.


What are Sotho cultural activities?

For the most part, agriculture and livestock farming provided the Basotho with their nourishment. While women worked in the fields and procured water from springs, men and boys would take care of the animals’ needs. An initiation school was held by the Sotho people as a rite of passage.

Author: Blaine Alexander Oaker
Editor: Blaine Alexander Oaker
Date: 2022, October 19