English First Additional Language (FAL) Grade 12 Past Papers

Here we have added some resources that can really help you as you get ready for your Grade 12 English First Additional Language exams. You’ll find study guides, past papers, memos, and a few other tools to help you ace your matric exams.

CAPS Resources

A National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Declaration stands as the authoritative blueprint for education and instructional guidelines within South African educational institutions. Within its pages, this policy comprehensively catalogues all sanctioned subjects spanning from grades R to 12. Furthermore, it delineates the program parameters and advancement criteria applicable to learners in the same grade range. Each distinct academic subject has been meticulously outlined within its own dedicated Curriculum and Assessment Policy Declaration.


CAPS Curriculum and Assessment Policy


CAPS Curriculum and Assessment Policy


CAPS Curriculum and Assessment Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

English First Additional Language Grade 12 Past Papers are previous examination papers for the Grade 12 level in South Africa. They are used as study resources to help students prepare for their final exams.

You can find these past papers on various educational websites, at your school or institution’s library, or by purchasing exam preparation books specifically designed for Grade 12 students.

Some websites and educational institutions provide free access to past papers, while others may charge a fee. It depends on the source you choose.

Use past papers to practice answering exam-style questions, assess your knowledge, and identify areas where you need improvement. They are valuable for understanding the exam format and time management.

Yes, many past papers are available for download in PDF format from various online sources.

Past papers typically cover a range of topics and themes from the curriculum, but they may not cover every single aspect. It’s important to refer to your curriculum and textbooks for a comprehensive study.

Yes, some tips include setting a time limit for each paper, simulating exam conditions, and reviewing your answers to understand mistakes and improve.

Yes, there are past papers available for multiple years. It’s advisable to start with more recent papers as they align better with current exam formats and content. However, older papers can still be valuable for practice.

Some websites provide answer keys and marking guidelines for past papers. You can also consult with your teachers or tutors to help you assess your performance and correct any mistakes you’ve made.

Author: Isabel Sanderson
Editor: Megan Dreyer
Date Published: December 12, 2023