High School Subjects Needed To Study Digital Marketing In South Africa

There are no specific subject requirements for Digital Marketing in South Africa. Some subjects are recommended because they can be helpful, such as Business Studies, but they are not compulsory. 

Useful subjects include: 

  • English 
  • Maths or Maths Literacy
  • Economics
  • I.T. or C.A.T.
  • Business Studies

English is useful because Digital Marketing is done online, and so having good grammar and spelling are crucial to having good advertisements and posts about what the business is offering. 

Maths or Maths Literacy are useful to have for Digital Marketing so that you can use things such as Google Analytics. You can then use these statistics to help you optimise the reach and popularity of your products. 

Economics is good to have experience with so that you know what the company budget is for marketing, and what that means for how you can go about marketing the business. You can use this knowledge to optimise cost effectiveness in marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Information Technology or Computer Applications Technology are each useful subjects to have when dealing with anything digital. Knowing how to troubleshoot minor issues and create the smaller parts of web designs or posts can minimise time and cost for implementing marketing strategies. 

Business Studies is helpful in terms of learning more about the business side of things. Business Studies is a kind of all-in-one, as it teaches finance and economics, management, human resources management, entrepreneurship, and much more that are useful for Digital Marketing.  

Do You Need Maths For Digital Marketing?

No, you do not need Maths for Digital Marketing. You do need to be able to do basic maths, but you do not need to have Maths as a subject in school.

How Do I Become A Digital Marketer?

There are many ways to study Digital Marketing. You can study a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, or you can study a NATED Marketing course. NATED (National Accredited Technical Education Diploma) courses are fully accredited and recognised as formal qualifications in South Africa. 

NATED courses have three levels of theory. Each level takes six months to complete, which is a total of 18 months. This is followed by 18 months of work experience, which counts as the practical side of the qualification. 

For your work experience, you will be placed using iWIL, a free placement service. Your hours and progress will be tracked and sent in for review at the end of your 18 months. You will then be able to receive your National Diploma. 

Where Can I Study NATED Marketing Management?

There are many reputable distance learning colleges that offer the NATED course in Marketing Management, such as: 

How Long Will It Take To Learn Digital Marketing?

This depends on how you choose to study Digital Marketing. If you study for a Bachelor’s Degree, it will take a minimum of four years. If you choose to study the NATED Marketing Management course, it will take a minimum of three years to complete. 

Is Digital Marketing In Demand?

Yes, Digital Marketing is in demand as a career. Digital Marketing is all about marketing businesses online and working with social media platforms to optimise business exposure. This industry is constantly growing, so new employees are needed often. 

Because of the constant growth, this is an industry with many job opportunities, which means if you work well, you will have better job stability. This will result in more financial stability as well. 

What Is The Average Salary Of A Digital Marketer?

The pay scale for a digital marketer in South Africa is: R 9 330 – R 53 410 per month. The average salary is currently R 19 380 per month. 

Can Digital Marketers Work From Home?

Yes, some digital marketing jobs do allow employees to work from home. This has become more widely available since the start of Covid-19, which is a great advantage for people working in this field during the pandemic.

What Have We Learned?

  • There are no specific subject requirements for Digital Marketing in South Africa
  • You can study a NATED course and be qualified with a Diploma in Marketing Management in three years
  • There are many reputable distance colleges where you can study NATED Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing is in demand
  • Digital Marketers can often work from home 

Author: Chloe Bydawell
Editor: Razeen Dollie
Date: July 6, 2022